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Lesson Plans The Lesson Plans Page K-12  |  Teachers Helping Teachers

  Encarta Lesson Collection  |  11000+ Lesson Plans!  |  edHelper WebQuests  Worksheets  Tools!
  Columbia Education Center  Lesson Plans  K-12  Many Subject Areas
Lesson Plans Collection K-12  Many Subject Areas  LEARN NC :: Lesson Plans
Lesson Plans All Levels  Lesson Plans - Discovery Channel K-12
Excellent Resource  |  Scholastic: Lesson Plans
  Teacher's Desk - Lesson Plans Excellent  All Subjects & Grade Levels  |  Teachers' Center
  Lesson Plans  National Geographic Xpeditions
  Teachable Moment Lesson Plans & Topical Activities K-12
  Curriculum Maps By Subject and Grade Levels
  EconEdLink  Internet based economic lessons  K - 12
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Classroom Management and Tips  Excellent   Many Areas
You Can Handle Them All Discipline and Behavior Management
New Teacher Guide Book
Excellent   Many Areas
Teaching Ideas  Tips 
Subs  Behavior Mgmt
Teaching Ideas That Worked
Many Areas of Teaching
Teaching Strategies
20 Ways to Foster Creativity
in Your Students
NEA Works4Me Tips Adding Variety and Fun
To A Class Period
Teaching Tips
Excellent   Many Resources
Tips to Meet Multiple Needs in the Classroom Strategies For
Student Questioning
New Teacher Survival Guide
Entire Book   Printables
What to Expect Your First Year of Teaching Checklist
Dr. Mac's Amazing Behavior Management Advice Site
Beginning Teacher Tips
Ways to Encourage Good Behavior
Dramatic Ideas to Improve Teaching
CanTeach Discipline  Organization & More
How to Set Up Computers
in Your Classroom
More Links on My College
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How to Survive Open House Parent Night  Open House Ideas for Teachers Motivating Students
First Year Teachers Dealing with Difficult Parents and Others Helpful Bits of Advice from Veteran Teachers
Grouping Students Tips
Sayings for Bulletin Boards
Ideas For Bulletin Boards
Classroom Decor
Eight Secrets of Class Design
Organization Tips
New Teacher at Scholastic
Free Magazine
Clock Buddies Strategy for Pairing Students
End of the Year Tips  Ideas

Reading and Language Links

Social Studies   Education Resources History  Government  World  U.S.  African    Top
A Teacher's Guide to the Holocaust  National Constitution Center
Justice Teaching Website
   Geography World Many links, resources, quizzes, & games Outline Maps
   Geography Classroom
High School  |  TerraFly See an overhead picture in the United States
Outline Maps and Blank Maps
  |  MapQuest: World Atlas
   Flash Earth  Satellite and Aerial Imagery of the Earth
   The 4th of July Page 
US Documents  Patriotic Music |  Martin Luther King! Good Resource  Links
   Atlapedia Online 
Countries' Information  World Maps
   Postcards From America 
50 State Travel Adventure
Paper Clip Game Learn the Value of Rules
K-12 Sociology and Psychology Propaganda and More  |  Propaganda Techniques
   Legislative Resources For Teachers  Library of Congress
Florida   Indian Index Florida
Florida History Curriculum Readings  Reading Strategies  Teacher Notes  Student Questions
   Exploring Florida
  A Resource for Students & Teachers  Floripedia  A Florida Encyclopedia
Native Americans 
Native Tribes of US and Canada
   Marilee's Native Americans Links
Excellent   Native American Rhymes History and More
   The Earliest Americans
Extensive Unit Plan  |  Navajo Code Talkers' Dictionary
Patriotism   U. S. Citizenship Test  |  More U.S. References
   Patriotic Crafts
All Grade Levels  PencilFlag.com Printable
   Our American Flag 
Print or Color  History  |  Pledge of Allegiance  Printable Mini Book
Florida History Curriculum  |  Best History Websites Excellent!
The U.S. Constitution Online  Classified  Searchable  For Different Grade Levels
   A&E Classroom  
Record the Programs  Commercial Free
   American Memory Timeline
Library of Congress  |  Best of History Web Sites Many Links
EASE History U.S. Presidential Campaigns - Explore History and Core Values - Videos  Photos
EyeWitness to History  History through the eyes of those who lived it 
   Year by Year: 1900-2004  Facts and Information
   The Living Room Candidate Presidential Campaign Commercials  1952 - 2004
   History Buff  Great American Speeches 
Wild West  9 Lesson Unit  Gr. 5
The Use of Music and Dance in Teaching U.S. History
   Afro-American Almanac
  |  Black History Links  Activities
Africana Heritage Project  Rediscovering Records of African American Genealogy and History
   Jewish-American History on the Web  
Tower of David  Museum of the History of Jerusalem
   Lewis and Clark 200
Trail Info Then & Now
   America's West 
Development & History  |  Exploring Ancient World Cultures
Trenches on the Web  WWI
No Job for a Woman The effect of war on women's lives during the 20th and 21st centuries
Timelines and Much More   |  History Happens American
   HistoryWired View items at the Smithsonian Institute  |  The Civil War Home Page
   Internet Archive Wayback Machine 
September 11th Web Archive
   Teaching with Historic Places
National Park Service
National Geographic World Music 
   The Multicultural Pavilion
  |  Multiculturalism  Links
ReligionFacts  Facts on World Religions  |  Learn Languages Online! Excellent!
   Earth Calendar - Celebrate every day! Many international holidays
   Multi-Cultural Calendar
 |  Ask Asia A K-12 Resource of the Asia Society
   Art and Life in Africa Unit
Many Lessons K-12  African Aperture Many Topics
Virtual Religion Index  History Classroom Resource Center Black History  Hispanic Heritage
   The Jewish Children's Learning Network 
Jewish Education & Entertainment
My Hebrew Picture Dictionary English - Hebrew
   Children's Stories
International  |  Cultural Unity Through Folktales
   Peace Corps
Looking at Ourselves and Others  Nice Activities  Gr. 3-12
   Games From Around The World
Math K-2  |  Cultures.com Some Unusual
Birthday Traditions From Around the World   |  A Map of Languages in the U.S.
   A Box of Crayons 
Poem & Art Activity  |  Holidays on the Net
Character Education
  PBS Kids - Adventures From the Book of Virtues
     Stop Bullying Now!
Plans  Activities  |  Out on a Limb  A Guide to Getting Along
     CharacterCounts Free Teaching Tools
Plans  Activities  Guides  Quotes 

Top  Home  |  Parents  Students  |  Travel  References  Early Learning  |  Science
 | Math
ESE  ADD Kids  More Links  Attention Deficit  ADD ADHD Links
   Internet Resources for Special Children 
Excellent  National Center for Learning Disabilities
Learning Disabilities OnLine: Your Guide to LD In Depth Excellent
   Misunderstood Minds 
PBS  Learning Differences and Difficulties  |  Autism Resources
   Teaching Math to Visually Impaired Students 
|  International Dyslexia Association
   The Special Ed Advocate - Special Education Law
  |  IDEA Act of 2004: Changes in Key Statutes
   Common Health/Disability Acronyms
  |  Frontline: medicating kids
   American Sign Language Activities  Charts  Flashcards  |  American Sign Language Video Dictionary
ASL - American Sign Language  Resources  Lessons  Useful Ideas
Gifted  Hoagies' Gifted Education Page Parenting and Educating Gifted Children
Characteristics of the Gifted Child  |  Working with Gifted & Talented Students
Providing Curriculum Alternatives To Motivate Gifted Students
ESOL   EFL/ESL Teachers' Room  |  English Online  |  ESL PartyLand
   PIZZAZZ! Creative Writing and Storytelling Ideas 
Internet TESL Journal
   Interesting Things for ESL Students
 |  ESL Cafe's Idea Cookbook
   Internet Treasure Hunts for ESL Students
 |  ESOL Lessons
   ESOL - TESL : Teaching Techniques
HUGE Resource of Links
   Miscellaneous English Quizzes 
English Daily  Idioms  Conversation  More
Physical Education  Every Rule in the Universe
  |  Games Kids Play
PE Central For Health and PE Teachers  |  Kids Games Excellent
PELINKS4U - Promoting Active & Healthy Lifestyles Many Links  Games  Resources
   Chants and Taunts, Clapping Games, Jump Rope Rhymes
   Physical education lesson plans for everyone
Coaching and More
   Fun Outdoor Games and Activities
Including Water Games  |  Special Olympics
   Physical Education Resource for Teachers Games and More
   Kids Running Games  Some Academic  |  Yoga Basics Online Guide
Arts and Crafts
On-line Activities and More
Kids Crafts from Activity Village  Printables   Holidays  Seasons  Alphabets  More  Art Lessons with Talent Teacher Gr. K - 12 
Kid's Domain Craft Exchange KinderArt - Art Education  K-8 Basic Art Lessons
Elementary Art Lesson Plans Teachers Helping Teachers
More Links on my Early Learning Page
@rt Sparkers Welcome to the @rtroom! Native American Crafts
Many Drawing Lessons
Exploring Art Through Descriptive Writing The Art Kitchen Recipes
Why Teach Art? America's Art Smithsonian Crafts for Kids
  World Art Treasures
HUGE Collection   
Museum of Modern Art
National Gallery of Art
Activities and Projects
Creating an Art Book Assessment Lessons Primary Art Tales: Telling Stories with Wildlife Art Distinguished Artist Series American
  16 Lessons in Color Theory Color Theory
Activities  Lessons
 Crafts for Kids
Pony Bead Patterns
Art Supplies Recipes
Make Stuff!
Craft Activities and Projects
Timeline of Art History
 Art History Links How to Make Layered Tissue Paper Flowers National Endowment for the Arts
Van Gogh & Gauguin Sidewalk Art Chalk Architecture Design Images
Inside Art
An Art History Game
The Fine Art Search Engine
Exploring Art
Through Descriptive Writing

Music  Bulletin Boards for the Music Classroom
9 Easy to Make Musical Instruments
    The Printable Staff Paper Page
  |  Mr. Fiddle Songs  For Violin and Recorder Students       Top
    Children's Music and Songs Many Links   |  Preschool Musical Instrument Page
    Children's Songs by D.F.Saphra
Many Subjects
    New York Philharmonic Composer's Workshop
  |  Instrument Encyclopedia
    The NPR 100
Listen to the 100 most important works of the 20th Century
The Symphony - An Interactive Guide  |  9 Easy to Make Musical Instruments
    Music Through the Curriculum Excellent  and Homemade Instruments
Drama A Dramatic Education - Theatre Arts Education
  |  Drama With Children
    Reader's Theater Scripts and Plays
Links  |  How to Act Convincingly
    Improvisation Starters K-12
  |  Who's On First? Complete Text
    Theatre on a Shoestring 
Activities  Information  |  The Puppetry Page
    Speaking Tips 
Toastmasters International
Internet Adventures The JASON Project
  |  Educational Web Adventures
   Cool Teaching Lessons and Units  WebQuests  Research Modules  Online Activities
   GOALS: Global Online Adventure Learning Site  CyberSurfari '99
   Ancient Egypt Webquest 
Webquests - Lesson Plans
   The Field Trips Site
Variety of Online Trips  Virtual Field Trips
Internet Projects
   Cool Teaching Lessons WebQuests
Internet4Classrooms - Helping Teachers Use the Internet Effectively Links  Resources  Activities
   Project Based Learning Checklists All Grades & Subjects
   Internet Projects 
Links  Resources  CyberSmart! K-8 Internet Curriculum 
   ePALS Classroom Exchange
Meet other classrooms worldwide
   ThinkQuest, ThinkQuest Junior 
Students design education Web sites
   Journey North Spring, 2001
Help track animal migration
   Filamentality 2.0
Teacher Tool  Create and post a Web-based learning page
   Developing Virtual Field Trips 
Web Worksheet Wizard  Create a Worksheet
   The Poet's Bookshelf  Plus More Technology Projects
    Seasonal Changes Through Our Eyes and Yours
   Internet Projects For Younger Students  CyberSmart! K-8 Curriculum   Many Good Lessons
Free Emails NEA Works4Me Tips Library
Receive Weekly Teaching Tips
Excellent Daily Newsletter
Florida Florida Sunshine State Standards
 |  FIRN Florida Information Resource Network
   Florida's Comprehensive Assessment Test (FCAT) Released Test Quesitons   Information
   Fla Student Assessment and Testing Information FCAT
   Taking the Stress Out of Standardized Tests Article  Ideas  FCAT Explorer
Teach Children Test-taking Skills  Florida Department of Education
   2000 - 2001 School Accountability Report 
Florida Schools' Scores and Grades
The National Board of Professional Teaching Standards

    NBPTS-ISU Candidate Support  Excellent!
NBPTS Resources - Florida TeacherWeb Excellent!
    National Board Resource Center at Illinois State University
The National Board For Professional Teaching Standards  NBPTS Standards
    NEA: National Board Certification of Teachers Download Candidate's Guide to Certification
Introduction to Inquiry  National Science Foundation  Inquiry-based Learning  Explanation
National Science Education Standards A Good Look  Inquiry
   National Science Education Standards The Entire Book
Teacher Glossary of Terms in Teaching  National Board Tips by Louisa Jane Fleming
   Links to Look at for the Assessment 
Early Childhood & Middle Childhood Generalist
National Board for Professional Teaching Standards Certificate Areas

 More Resources
 Teach With Movies
Excellent Summary
and Ideas 
 United States Dept. of Ed Publications On-Line Ordering System
D & W's Teacher Spot Educational Resources
 Memory Improvement and Learning Excellent 
Schools  Districts  States
Mrs. Jackson's Class
Links for Many Themes

I Love That Teaching Idea!  Excellent

Using Music to Promote Learning Tips  Songs  Chants
The Gateway to Educational Materials Search Engine
Tami's Teacher & Student Resource Site
Topmarks Education British
Searchable by Subject & Age
Many Links 
Bob's Place of Educational Links for Students, Teachers, and Parents Recipes 4 Learning
Make-it Crafts
Food Activities   Excellent
Excellent Resources
Professional Development
Teachers Helping Teachers PedagoNet
Learning Resources Database
Teacher Glossary of Terms
in Teaching
Music Through the Curriculum
Home Schooling
 Classroom Connect
Fair Use and Copyright
for Teachers
mrnussbaum.com - A thousand sites in one ! Kathy Shrock's Guide for Educators  By Subject Area
The Educator's Reference Desk
Many Topics  Lesson Plans
Education World  Current Topics in Education Searchable U.S. Department of Education
Take 5
Five Minute Activities
Mrs. Young's Super
Charged Educational Voyage 
TeachNet IMPACT II  Technology   Networking
Current Issues
Minot Public Schools
Educational Bookmarks
By Subject or Grade Level
Project Happy Child
Huge Resource
Many Areas
Learning Styles Resources for K-12  Gardner's "Theory of Multiple Intelligences"
Links for All Teachers
Excellent  Wide Variety
Children's Place
Many Links   Wide Variety
Teaching Treasures
Publications   Links
Teaching is A Work of Heart Excellent!
 The Cooperative Learning Network
A Variety of Activities
Critical Thinking
in Everyday Life
  9 Strategies
Education Week
Core Knowledge
No Child Left Behind Songs for Teaching K - 12
Curriculum Areas & More
Law and Education
TIES Magazine
Technology Education
Awards, Children's Notables, Grants and Fellowships
PBS Teacher Source
Many Subjects   All Ages
BBC  Learning Pathways To School Improvement
Renae's Room
Humor  Links  &  More
Where learning takes you 
Northwest Regional
Educational Laboratory
Evalutech 5000+ Reviews of Instructional Materials
Many Resources & Topics
National Public School Locator and Data

Back To School  First Day <> Getting-to-Know-You Activities Gr.2-up
   Icebreakers, Games, and Activities  <> Preschool Themes - Back to School
   Bulletin Boards & Classroom Decor <>  All About Me - I Am Special Book
   Free Mini Posters
Share  Listen  Clean Up  Take Turns  Bullying
   Zaner Bloser Style Desk Tape: Manuscript <> Parent Expectations
Parents Write

Education Cartoons for Teachers

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